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Hammam services are wellness treatments with soothing effects on both your body and soul. They are a great antidote to the tension of daily life. Turkish baths increase blood circulation, relax your muscles, improve your skin’s elasticity, and much more. These self-care beauty rituals are a pure luxury that you truly deserve.

Book your visit in advance to make sure which beauty treatments you wish to indulge yourself in. Remember to come a bit earlier to feel the atmosphere of the place and enjoy the experience without rushing through it. Keep in mind that the hammam ritual is first and foremost an art of relaxation.


Hammams offer a traditional Turkish bathing experience. Apart from that, there is also a variety of treatments, such as aromatherapy, oil massages, and many more. Turkish bath services that you can enjoy for both pleasure and skin regeneration include:

  • Steam hammam rooms
  • Full-body scrub and exfoliation
  • Full-body massage therapy
  • Beauty and skincare treatments
  • Traditional ceremonies
  • Aromatherapy

To make the most of this unforgettable Turkish bath experience, choose from our various hammam services. They include Pasha, Shahrazad, Sultan, VIP, and Luxury Hammam options. All the treatments last from 30 minutes up to even 1,5 hours. It all depends on what kind of relaxation you want to enjoy on a given day. No matter which one you choose, they are all worth it!


You will start your hammam experience in a transition area. It’s the room with intermediate temperature, where you receive your towels and adjust to the heat of a steam room. The greatest temperature in the hot room is controlled up to 50°C. The standard humidity in the Turkish bath can reach even around 100%. The steam room is a place where your muscles relax and your skin softens. In the past, Turkish baths were believed to be treatment centers for many different diseases due to their steam-healing properties.

Feel free to use cold or warm water from the sinks around you to pour it all over your body in the hot room. You may also leave the room whenever you wish and go to the colder room to chill and cool down. Your 10-15 minute stay in the steam room will perfectly clean your airways. Your entire body will relax and sweat intensively to release all the toxins. The heat enlarges your blood vessels, which helps to lower your blood pressure.

hammam room


Full body scrub and exfoliation are traditional hammam services. A bath attendant uses natural soap, water, and a special kese (mitt glove) to scrub and cleanse the entire body. Full-body scrub brings many health benefits to the skin. First of all, it peels off dead and dry cells and softens your skin. At the same time, it’s a perfect deep clean of your blocked pores and a great cure for acne. What’s important, the treatment stimulates blood circulation too. It smooths your skin and prepares it for the next step of your unique hammam experience.

Once scrubbed, take your place on the warm marble slab called göbek taşı in the hot section of the Turkish bath. Following the scrubbing, a bath attendant will apply a special soap with a foam bag. It’s a traditional accessory used for centuries in the Ottoman-Turkish hammam bathhouse. Imagine your entire body covered in bubble foam. It’s much more than a simple massage! The aroma of the natural olive oil soap has a relaxing effect and will definitely boost your mood. This relaxing and purifying treatment cleanses your whole body and has a soothing effect on your soul. Ready for more?


After cleansing body scrub and a soap wash, you may want to relax during massage therapy. Among our many full-body massage treatments, you can find hammam services such as:

Massage therapy has been known for centuries in many cultures. It can relax your muscles, decrease your joints’ inflammation, and improve the circulation of your blood. An important benefit of a body massage is lowering pain levels and strengthening the immune system.

Massage treatments decrease your stress and anxiety, lighten up your mood and give you more energy. They increase your feeling of wellness and allow you to fully relax. Your sleep can also benefit from various types of massage therapy.


Some Turkish baths offer skin treatments like facials, body wraps, and masks. They use natural ingredients such as clay, honey, or essential oils. Many hammams offer waxing and hair removal services for both men and women.

In our historic 16th-century Turkish bath, we provide several beauty and skincare peeling treatments, such as:

  • Brown sugar peeling
  • Coffee peeling
  • Grape seed peeling
  • Rose peeling
  • Olive oil peeling
  • Coconut peeling

Peelings can lighten discolorations, smooth the skin, and improve skin blood circulation. These treatments increase the absorption of nutrients and prepare your skin for further care. They also support the regeneration of your skin. Skin peeling is a pleasant experience with extraordinary fragrance variety you may choose from!


You may know that traditionally, public baths played a distinct social role in Turkish culture. They still are a place of different kinds of entertainment activities and religious rituals. Some Turkish baths may offer traditional ceremonies, such as a pre-wedding hammam for brides or a baby’s first hammam. Other occasions associated with a Turkish bath are circumcision, sending a son to the military service, or a mourning ritual.

Every Turkish city and town still has at least one public bath. They are simple, functional, and inexpensive. However, the historic hammam buildings are impressive works of Ottoman architecture worth seeing. They are made of marble with rich decoration and bring you an authentic cultural experience. Our bath is one of the oldest in Istanbul and is decorated with beautiful pillars, arches, and fountains. It’s truly hard to imagine a better place to experience extraordinary beautifying rituals!


hammam aromatherapy

Some hammams may offer aromatherapy services. They are using essential oils to enhance the relaxation and rejuvenation spa experience. The benefits of a hot steam bath are better when the steam is enriched with fragrant essence. It’s a great environment for the effective treatment of any respiratory problems. The essential oils have a regenerating and invigorating effect. They also provide your overall relaxation and make your hammam experience even more amazing.

In the very last step of your Turkish bath experience, you will move on to the cooling room. You can rest here after all of your treatments while enjoying your drinks and relaxing. All you have to do is forget the stress and worries of everyday life. Let yourself be absorbed by the calming atmosphere of this extraordinary place. Feel like a Sultan in our oasis of relaxation!


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