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To maximize your relaxation, we offer exclusive private and couple Turkish bath experiences. Our VIP hammam services are designed to provide an intimate and luxurious retreat, perfect for unwinding with a loved one. Indulge in the timeless tradition of the hammam, enhanced by personalized attention, ensuring a truly unforgettable hammam experience.

Pasha Package

Our refreshing Pasha Package begins with a traditional body scrub, removing dead skin cells to keep your pores clean and soft. Next, a relaxing full-body foam wash cleanses and revitalizes your entire body. 

The session concludes with your choice of either a back massage or a stress-relieving reflexology massage. The back massage eases muscle tension and promotes deep relaxation, while the reflexology massage targets pressure points to improve circulation and reduce stress.

50 mins
105 euros

Ottoman Package

Our rejuvenating Ottoman Package offers a luxurious experience. It begins with a traditional body scrub that effectively removes dead skin cells, followed by a full body foam wash that revitalizes you in soothing bubbles.

Following the foam wash, our skilled therapists perform a reflexology session, applying gentle pressure to specific points on your feet, hands, ears, and face to improve circulation throughout your body. The session finishes with a classic massage, targeting key muscle groups to relieve tension and stress.

125 EURO

VIP Package

Our VIP Package provides a top-tier service designed to pamper you. It begins with a traditional body scrub to clean and open your pores by removing dead skin cells. This is followed by a full-body foam wash from head to toe and a calming foam massage for your neck and shoulders. The session continues with a body peeling treatment, leaving your skin as smooth as cotton.

To complete the experience, you can choose between an anti-stress or aromatherapy massage. The anti-stress massage relieves tension and stress, while the aromatherapy massage uses essential oils to enhance relaxation and well-being.

80 mins
165 euros

Luxury Package

Our Luxury Package includes all the essentials for a day of ultimate care. It begins with a traditional body scrub, which effectively refreshes your pores. This is followed by a full-body foam cover surrounding you in gentle bubbles. The session continues with a relaxing back foam massage then a nourishing body peeling. Then, a clay facial mask is applied to rejuvenate your complexion.

The session concludes with two distinct massages. First, Çatma Signature massage, a unique blend of techniques to melt away stress and tension, followed by a reflexology massage to target specific points to release pressure. 

105 mins
200 euros
Get the best hammam experience
you deserved!

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