This Terms and Conditions for Hammam Services (“Agreement”) outlines the terms and conditions governing the provision of hammam services by Çatma Mescit Hammam to individuals seeking relaxation and wellness treatments. By engaging Çatma Mescit Hammam’s services, the client (“Client”) acknowledges and agrees to comply with the following terms:


Çatma Mescit Hammam: An established wellness service provider located in Turkey, offering traditional hammam treatments, massages, and related services.
Service Provider: Refers to the spa, therapist, masseur, or any other professional engaged in providing treatments, massages, and wellness services.
Treatment Package: A comprehensive package that may include hammam sessions, massages, spa treatments, accommodation, and other supporting services, tailored to the Client’s preferences.
Treatment: The specific wellness procedure to be performed by the chosen Service Provider.
Our Liabilities & Responsibilities:

Çatma Mescit Hammam acts solely as a service provider and does not control external service facilities such as accommodation or transportation providers. The Client agrees not to hold Çatma Mescit Hammam responsible for any dissatisfaction or issues caused by external service providers.
Çatma Mescit Hammam is responsible only for arranging hammam services and wellness treatments. The forms completed at the hammam center constitute a contractual relationship between the Client and the Service Provider. Çatma Mescit Hammam shall not take any responsibility or liability for any dissatisfaction arising from the treatments provided by the Service Provider. We strongly recommend that you read the Service Provider’s terms and conditions carefully prior to proceeding with your treatments.
Your Responsibilities:

Information Sharing: The Client agrees to share all relevant information and provide necessary documents regarding their personal preferences and any health conditions. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Client gives permission to Çatma Mescit Hammam to collect and keep records of such information if necessary.
Travel Documents: The Client is responsible for preparing travel documents such as a passport and visa related to the treatment.
Deposit and Payments: A deposit is required before the treatment, and full payment must be completed before the commencement of the treatment.
Insurance: It is the Client’s responsibility to arrange any desired insurance for their wellness package.
Physical Examination Impact: The Client acknowledges that the wellness package is initially determined based on provided information. Changes may occur during an in-person consultation with the Service Provider.
Additional Charges: While the treatment package covers standard services, additional charges may apply for extra services or changes in the package.
Accommodation Charges: In case the Client stays more nights than specified in the treatment package, additional nights will be charged at the current rates of the hotel.
Transportation Charges: Any changes in flights or transportation will be charged by the respective service provider according to the alteration.

If the treatment plan changes due to a consultation, the Client can choose not to proceed. In such cases, a refund will be issued after deducting costs related to consultations, accommodation, transportation, and bank fees from the total package amount. If the Client decides to proceed with the new treatment plan, a revised price quotation will be provided.
The deposit is non-refundable. In force majeure conditions, the validity of the package is extended for an additional 6 months or until the Client’s availability. If rescheduled for a date longer than 6 months, the fee of the treatment may change, and the Client may pay the difference due to this alteration.

The Client must follow all aftercare instructions provided by the Service Provider. If complications arise post-treatment, Çatma Mescit Hammam will assist in communication with the Service Provider. If revision or corrective treatment is required and confirmed by the Service Provider, the Client will bear the cost of additional accommodation, travel, and sustenance, while the Service Provider will cover the treatment cost.
No refunds will be provided under any circumstances.
Feedback and Reviews:

Çatma Mescit Hammam seeks sincere, genuine, and helpful feedback from clients to enhance its services.
Confidentiality and Data Protection:

The Client’s personal data shall be maintained in compliance with laws and regulations. Anonymous before and after pictures may be used for demonstrative purposes with the Client’s consent. The Client acknowledges and consents to the data protection policy of Çatma Mescit Hammam.

In case of disputes, the Parties accept the authority of the Courts of Istanbul. By accepting these terms, the Client affirms their understanding and agreement to abide by the obligations outlined herein.